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  • In Memory of George D. Nassief
    Founder of Nassief Automotive 1955

    George Nassief started his automobile career selling cars in his hometown of Ashtabula, after attending college and serving in the military. He and his wife, Helen have been area residents all of their lives and have five children, two of whom are involved in the local dealerships. Mr. Nassief became the Jefferson Ford-Mercury Dealer in 1955, purchasing the dealership from Oscar Anderson. He was then awarded the original Honda franchise in 1974, and Toyota in 1977. After extensive research on Hyundai's commitment to quality, he enthusiastically became Ashtabula County's exclusive Hyundai dealer in 1991.

  • Marybeth Nassief
    General Manager

    Marybeth is honored to be part of the second generation in the family's business, following in her father's footsteps. She learned everything about the automotive world working with him throughout high school, after college and up until his passing in 2003. She learned everything about treating others with respect, watching and learning from both her parents, George, as well as Helen, who continues to guide her even today.

    The family legacy is easy to continue when it comes to business because it works - one of the many reasons Nassiefs successfully continues to be family owned and operated, as it has been since 1955 - "Treat people the way you want to be treated" and you'll always know what to do and how to do it.

    Marybeth was also taught that "You are only as good as the people you surround yourself with", and as you will see when you stop in and meet the people on this page, that is certainly a very true statement. Marybeth and her family are very proud of the longevity, dedication and customer service all coworkers enthusiastically provide at both Nassief dealerships.

  • Carl McElroy
    New Car Manager

    The Nassief family is proud to have Carl working here since 1993!  Carl actually started in the Service Department and then moved into Sales, and has advanced through hard work and talent  into the position of New  Car Manager.
    Carl was raised with the same philosophy as the Nassief family, "Treat Others The Way You Want To Be Treated".

    Here is a link to a video about Carl's commitment to the County:

  • Vladimir Terzic
    Business Manager

    Vlad entered the car business in 2009 and joined the Nassief family in 2017 as the Finance Manager. Vlad loves spending time with his wife and two young daughters. He likes video games like Madden NFL, loves all Cleveland sports teams and has a passion for drumming.

  • Mike Zappitelli
    Internet Manager/Sales Consultant

    Mike has lived in Ashtabula County his whole life and has been with Nassief's since 1992.  Starting out a sales person here right out of college,  Mike asks all his past customers and friends to stop in and see him at Nassief's in Jefferson.

    Mike speaking about his commitment to our County:

  • Jack Morris
    Sales Consultant

    Jack Morris entered the car business in 1999, while living in Colorado. He has since moved back into the area and joined the Nassief Family in 2004. Jack primary goal is to take exceptional care of all of his many customers as well as their friends, family, and new customers! 

    Jack enjoys riding his bike, and has even participated in rides for different charities! Jack is an animal lover and is happy to work at a place where they do so much to support the local APL.

  • Emilee Emerson

    Emilee graduated from Jefferson High School in 2015 and recently joined the Nassief family as a sales consultant. After being involved in real estate, Emilee decided to shift her focus to automotive business and helping the customers find the perfect vehicle.

  • In Memory of Ron Massucci

    In memory and appreciation of 11 years of Service to Nassief Auto Group, and to 50+ years in the community.

  • Wendy Hinkle-Ferrell
    Sales Consultant

    Wendy has been a local person the better part of her life. She grew up on Jefferson-Eagleville Road working on her families (Beebe's) dairy farm, and shortly after sold cars at Nassief's (Jefferson and Ashtabula) in the 1980's. She moved out of the area in 2013, and has come back to be closer to her family and serve her community. 

    Welcome back Wendy!

  • Jerry Roe

    Jerry has been in the automotive business for quite a few years now. He just relocated back to the area recently and joined the Nassief family in 2019. Jerry would like to welcome his friends, family and neighbors from the Geneva area to stop out and see him.

  • Josh Perts
    Sales Consultant

    Joined the Nassief Family in 2019!

  • Devon Starcher
    Service Manager

    Devon joined Nassief's in 2006 right out of Ashtabula County's Vo-Ed program as well as the University of North Western in Lima.. Devon has quickly moved up the ladder, and we congratulate him on becoming a  Ford Senior Master Technician, as well as our Service Manager!!

  • Dakota Spangler
    Assistant Service Manager

    Dakota and his family have lived in Jefferson their entire lives. He is a 2012 graduate of Jefferson High School. Dakota puts customers first, treating strangers as friends and friends as family.

  • Sandy Orlando
    Customer Service Manager

    Sandy is a great smiling face waiting to greet you in the Service Department. She has a long history of customer service, and wants to do whatever she can to take care of all of her many friends and family back in service!

  • Shaelee Stewart
    Service Advisor

    Shae is from Ashtabula and just recently relocated back to the area.  She lived in Texas for 10 years but now is back in Ashtabula County.  Shae has worked in the service industry for 10 years and knows customer service.  We welcome Shae to our team and when you bring in your car for service Shae will gladly help with a smile.

  • Paige Dondorfer
    Assistant Parts Manager

    Paige Dondorfer was welcomed into the Nassief family in January of 2020. Paige brings with her extensive customer service experience, along with technical knowledge of automobiles, and is ready to assist our Part's customers, as well as our Service Technicians!

  • Autumn Snyder
    Assistant Parts Manager

    Joined the Nassief Family in 2019!

  • Jeremy Hornung
    Toyota Master Certified Technician

    Jeremy has worked for Nassief's since 1999, and is a Toyota Master Certified Technician.  Jeremy has lived in the County most of his life and will know your car like it is his own.

  • CJ Dunford
    Hyundai Master Certified Technician

    CJ joined the Nassief family in 2015.  With a passion for working on vehicles, he is eager to fix it right the first time.  A lifelong Ashtabula County resident, he is a familiar face to many in the community.

  • John Howland
    Service Technician

    John worked in the Nassief service department several years ago... He switched industries, and recently rejoined the team! He is excited to help you keep your vehicle running well!

  • Ray Dresnek
    Service Technician

    Joined the Nassief team in 2019

  • Dylan Urch

    Dylan started with Nassief's through our local A-Tech School in Jefferson in 2019.  Dylan was on the work study program and will be full time after his graduation in May 2020!

    He will be following in Devon Starcher's shoes who came from A-Tech as well, and will continue his learning here, with our Ford line up!

  • Jose Ortiz
    Detail Specialist

    Joined the Nassief family in 2019

  • Tammy Koestner
    Office Manager

     Tammy is a Jefferson native, who has sure come full circle! Tammy started as our title clerk, working with Jane back in the 1980's, and has returned to our accounting office, working once again in management here!  We are so grateful to have Tammy back home!

  • Tina Burdick
    Title Clerk

    Tina joined the Nassief family in 2014 and performs all the title duties for the dealership.  Tina also assists where needed in other accounting areas as well.

  • Katrina Port

    Katrina has a 13 year history in banking that makes her a great fit for the Nassief office team. She joined the Nassief Auto Family in 2018, and is happy to be working closer to home.

  • Heather Light

    Joined the Nassief team in 2019

  • Jane Lachey-Retired

    Jane had worked with Nassief's since 1973 and competently handled all the day to day accounting and business aspects of the dealership.  Born and raised in Ashtabula County, Jane is  "part of the Nassief Family" for good, with retirement and beyond! Thank you for your dedicated service for 46 years Jane!

  • Gregg Leary-Retired

    Gregg  moved back to the area from North Carolina and joined the Nassief Auto Family in 2013 to continue his love for cars.  Gregg recently retired after five years of taking great care of all of his friends and family. Thank you Gregg! Enjoy your retirement, you deserve it!

    We are proud to have him continue on with Nassief's as a dependable driver for our dealer trades or anything else we need!

  • In Memory of Kathy Booher
    In Memory and Appreciation of 45 years of Service